• Agregat A3

    The Agregat A-3 is a rocket of 6.74 meters in length and a mass of 750 Kg at takeoff

  • Agregat A4

    The A4 rocket is a 14 meters long rocket with a range of about 175 km, reaching an altitude of more than 80 kilometers, carrying a payload of about one ton.

  • Agregat A4b

    The A-4b rocket is an A-4 rocket equipped with two arrow wings whose first launch took place on December 27, 1944. It was the first guided winged missile to break the sound barrier and reach Mach 4.

  • Agregat A5

    The A5 is a scaled-down test model of the A4 rocket It flew from 1938 to 1942 in preparation for the A-4 rocket.