Netherlands/Dutch East Indies/Indes Néerlandaises (9 Kits)

                                                                                     Dutch East Indies


                      Flag                                                                                                                                     Markings

Pays bas                                                             Pays bas 1  Pays bas 3   Pays bas 4


                                                                Dutch East Indies under Japanese Occupation


                                       Flags                                                                                                                 Markings

Birmanie 4 1942 1943  Japon 2                                           Japon 1  Japon 3


Netherlands at War since 10 May 1940

Dutch East Indies under Japan Occupation from 16 December 1941 to 16 August 1945

Dutch East Indies under Royal Australian Air Force Command 1942-1945. (Three squadrons of bombers and fighter planes, mixing Australian and Dutch pilots were included in the Royal Australian Air Force)