Argentina/Argentine (1 Kit)



                         Flag                                                                                                                                         Marking

Argentine 1                                                                                                     Argentine 2


                                                                         Argentina in Royal Air Force

                                  Flags                                                                                                                             Markings

Argentine 1  Raf flag                                               Raf 2 Raf 4 Raf 8 Raf 5 Raf 7


Argentina in RAF (164th Argentine-British Sqn) from 6 April 1942 to 3 September 1945

Argentina officialy at War since 27 March 1945

To note : The Fellowships of the Bellows was a fundraising organisation active in Latin America during the second world war aimed at raising money to purchase aircraft for the RAF.

Fellowships of the Bellows : Aircraft purchased went in particular to these squadrons: 193 Sqn, 263 Sqn (See Westland Whirlwind here in the site), 692 Sqn