Italia Fascista/Italie Fasciste (33 Kits)

                                                                           Italia Fascista


                     Flag                                                                                                                             Markings

Italie fasciste                                                    Italie 3 Italie 5 Italy 3  Italy 5


                                                             Aviazione Legionaria in Spain


                      Flag                                                                                                                          Markings

Italie fasciste                                                                     Espagne nationaliste 1  Espagnr nationaliste 4


                                                              Squadriglia Speciale Iraq


                      Flag                                                                                                                      Markings

Italie fasciste                                                                   Irak 3   Irak 2


                                                                Great Britain in Italy


                       Flag                                                                                                                    Markings

Royaume unis                                                       Raf 5  Raf 8  Raf 7


                                                                    USAF in Italy


                      Flag                                                                                                                   Markings

Usa 1                                                                     Usa since august 1943



Italia at War since 3 October 1935 (Ethiopia)

Participation in Spanish Civil War. Aviazione Legionaria from 30 July 1936 to 10 June 1939 (See Spain Nationalist)

145a Squadriglia (Squadriglia Speciale Iraq) under Fliegerfürher in Iraq (Mai 1941)

During operation "Corkscrew" the islands of Pantelleria, Lampedusa and Linosa were invaded on June 11, 1943 by the English as a prelude to operation "Husky", the invasion of Sicily. Marghani airfield (Pantelleria ) received the 27th Fighter-Bomber group for a few months. Then Great Britain joins USA during the Invasion of Sicily (10th July 1943).

Great Britain in Italy from 11th June 1943 (Operation "Corkscrew") to the end of the War.

USAF in Italy from 10th July 1943 (Operation 'Husky") until the end of the War