Mariana Islands/Iles Mariannes (1 Kit)

                                                                           Northern Mariana Islands (1936-1944)


                                                 Flags                                                                                                                       Markings

Japan flag12  Japon 2                                                             Japon 1  Japon 5


                                                                       Guam Island (1936-1941 and 1944-1945)


                              Flag                                                                                                                                          Markings

 Usa 1                                                                 Usa until may 42 Usa may 42 to june 43 Usa since august 1943 Usa on sea blue or black color


                                                                               Guam Island (1941-1944)


                                      Flags                                                                                                                               Markings

Japan flag12  Japon 2                                                      Japon 1  Japon 5


                                                                    Northern Mariana Islands (1944-1945)


                        Flag                                                                                                                                             Markings

Usa 1                                                                          Usa since august 1943 Usa on sea blue or black color


Mariana's Islands are 15. Main Islands are Guam, Saipan, Tinian, Rota

Northern Mariana Islands are under Japanese Mandat until July 1944 (date of USA Occupation)

Northern Mariana Islands at War from 7 December 1941

Guam was under USA administration until 8 December 1941 (Japanese Occupation) and from July 1944 (Liberation of the Island)

Guam at War from 7 december 1941

Guam was under Japanese Occupation from 8 July 1941 to July 1944

Northern Mariana Islands was under USA administration from July 1944