France (Indochina) (4 Kits)




             France                Tonkin /Annam    Cochinchine        Cambodia             Laos          Kouang-Tchéou-Wan

Indochine kouang tcheou wan indochina         Tonkin et annam indochine francaise 1923 1945        Cochinchine indochine francaise 1868 1945        Cambodge indochine cambodia under french protection svg       Laos drapeau du laos indochine francaise 1893 1953       Indochine kouang tcheou wan indochina



                        Franve 1  France 3  France vichy 2   Indochine  Japanflagcircle France marking


                                                          Japan forces in Indochina from 22 September 1940


                                        Flags                                                                                                                                               Markings

Japan flag12    Japon 2                                                                         Japon 1  Japon 3


French Indochina de facto at War from July 1937 to September 1945

French Indochina invaded by Japan the 22 September 1940 until the end of the War in the Pacific

French Indochina at War with Thailand from 27 November 1940 to 9 May 1941