• Dornier 17F-1

    Dornier 17F-1 of the 1.(F)124, Germany, Poland (September 1939).The Dornier Do 17, sometimes referred to as the Fliegender Bleistift ("flying pencil"), is a light bomber of Nazi Germany during World War II. The Do 17F-1 was a long-range reconnaissance aircraft.
  • Dornier 217E-4

    Dornier 217E-4 of the 5./KG6, Montdidier, France (Summer 1942). The Dornier Do 217 was a bomber used by the German Luftwaffe during World War II as a more powerful development of the Dornier Do 17.
  • Dornier 217K-1

    Dornier 217K-1 of the III Gruppe, KG2, France (1943-1944). The Do 217 K-1 was a night bomber version. 220 were built.
  • Dornier 335A-12

    Dornier 335A-12 Germany (1944-1945). Only two Do 335 A-12 trainers had been completed.