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  • Bristol 149 Blenheim IV/Bolingbroke I

    The Bristol Blenheim was a British three-seat fast light bomber of World War II. Multi-purposes roles such as : Light bomber, Fighter and Night-fighter, Reconnaissance, trainer and tatget-tug. About 4400 were built.
  • Bristol Blenheim V

    The 13th was a light bomber squadron in service with the Royal Hellenic Air Force (1941-1945). Blenheims Mk V were used for maritime patrol missions.
  • Bristol 152 Beaufort Ia

    The Bristol Beaufort is a British twin-engined torpedo bomber in service from 1939 to 1944. They were used also in Reconnaissance or Trainer versions. About 2000 were built in Great Britain or Australia.
  • Bristol 130 Bombay I

    The Bristol Bombay was a British transport aircraft used sometimes as a medium bomber which saw service during the War from 1939 to 1944. 51 were built.