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  • Vickers Valentia I

    The Vickers type 264 Valentia was a British biplane bomber-transport aircraft which was active between 1939-1944. They were used for night bombing operations over the Western Desert or during the East African Campaign in 1940-1941.
  • Vickers Virginia X

    The Vickers Virginia was a biplane heavy bomber entered in 1924 and was in service untill 1941 on support roles with the Parachute Test Flight at Henlow.
  • Vickers Vincent

    The Vickers Aviation Type 266 Vincent was developed as a modification of the Vickers Vildebeest and was in service as light bombing and ground support roles.
  • Vickers Wellesley I LRDU

    Early on November 5, 1938, three Vickers Wellesley bombers of the Royal Air Force’s Long Range Development Unit (LRDU) departed from Ismailia, Egypt, bound for Darwin, Australia, more than 7,000 miles distant
  • Vickers Wellington BIII

    The Vickers Wellington was a British twin-engined, long-range medium bomber or in anti-submarine role which was in service during all the second world war.
  • Vickers Wellesley I

    The Vickers Wellesley was a medium bomber which first flew took place on June 1935 and was retired in 1944. It was used as bomber, reconnaissance, casualty evacuation and as torpedo aircraft.