Australie 1

  • CAC CA-5 Wirraway

    No. 4 Squadron, equipped with the Wirraway, was dispatched to Port Moresby during early November 1942. Operating over New Guinea, the type performed aerial reconnaissance, photography, artillery spotting, communication, supply drops, dive-bombing, ground attack and propaganda drops.
  • CAC CA-6 Wackett

    The Wackett served primarily as wireless trainers with No. 1 Wireless Air Gunnery School (WAGS) at Ballarat, Victoria No. 2 WAGS at Parkes, New South Wales; and No. 3 WAGS at Maryborough, Queensland, but also as an initial dual flying trainer with ; 1 Elementary Flying Training School at Tamworth, New South Wales; 3 El
  • CAC CA-13 Boomerang

    No. 4 Squadron and No. 5 Squadron flew Boomerangs in New Guinea, the Solomon Islands Campaign and Borneo Campaign, also in the close support role. aircraft proved to be ideal in this ground attack role