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  • Douglas A-26B Invader

    The Douglas A-26 Invader is an American twin-engined light bomber and ground attack aircraft. The first flight took place in July 1942 and 2500 copies were built.
  • Douglas RD-4 Dolphin

    The Douglas Dolphin is an American amphibious flying boat. It served a wide variety of roles as military transport, and search and rescue. 58 copies were built.
  • Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless

    The Douglas SBD Dauntless is a World War II American naval scout plane and dive bomber which was introduced in May 1940 and served until the end of the War. About 6000 were built.
  • Douglas TBD-1 Devastator

    The Douglas TBD Devastator was an American torpedo bomber which was introduced in August 1937 and served until 1944. Only 130 were built.