Finlande 1

  • Bristol Blenheim I (Series I)

    Bristol Blenheim I (Series I) of the LLv 44 next LLv 46, Finland (1939-40).A batch of fifteen aircraft was delivered to Finland in 1941, production continuing until 1944. 45 Mk I were built under license. The Finnish Blenheim were mainly used by LLv 42, 44 and 46
  • Bristol Bulldog IVA

    Bristol Bulldog IVA of the Os.Heinilä/LLv 26, Käkisalmi, Finland (1939).During the Winter War, the Swedish State donated two Bulldog Mk.IIA,which were received on 15 December 1939.In April 40 the Bulldogs were transferred to T-LLv 35 and LLv 34. In June 41 these units still had eight Bulldogs in working order