VL (Valtion Lentokonetehdas)

Finlande 1

  • VL Myrsky II

    Myrsky II of the HLelv 26, Kemi, Finland (Oct 44).The Myrsky II was an aircraft manufactured in Finland by Valtion Lentokonetehdas.The white lightning bold on the cowling belonged to 2./TLeLv12,the aircraft's previous unit. Fresh olive green paint covered the yellow Eastern Front markings on the cowl and aft fuselage
  • VL Pyorremyrsky

    The VL Pyörremyrsky was a Finnish fighter, designed by DI Torsti Verkkola at the State Aircraft Factory (Valtion lentokonetehdas) for service with the Finnish Air Force in World War II. The war ended before the type's first flight and only a prototype was built. , Finland (1945)
  • VL Pyry II

    VL Pyry II Trainer, Finland (1941-1945). VL Pyry was a Finnish trainer aircraft, built by the State Aircraft Factory (Valtion lentokonetehdas) for use with the Finnish Air Force. The Pyry was in use from 1939 to 1962. The aircraft was a mixed construction of wood, steel, fabric, and duraluminium
  • VL Sääski II

    VL Sääski II of the LeLv 26, Immola, Finland (1939-1940).VL Sääski II trainer was the first series-produced aircraft designed in Finland. The Finnish Air Force operated 33 Sääski aircraft between 1928-1943
  • VL Viima II

    VL Viima II. VL Viima, constructed by the State Aircraft Factory (Finnish: Valtion lentokonetehdas or VL) is a Finnish two-seat, biplane basic trainer used by the Finnish Air Force from the late 1930s to the early 1960s.