Drapeau francais

  • Amiot 143

    Amiot 143 of the GB II/38, 4e Escadrille, Troyes, France (May 1940).The Amiot 143 is a French twin-engine bomber from World War II. Almost 91 Amiot 143 were still in August 1939, with the Bloch 210, the basic equipment of the French bombardment. 45 Amiot having been destroyed during the French campaign.
  • Amiot 351

    Amiot 351 of the Centre d’Essais du Matériel Aérien (CEMA), France (January 1940).The first production aircraft, the Amiot 351-01, equipped with the Gnôme-Rhône N-48/49, flew on November 3, 1939, followed on loan by the Amiot 354.