Drapeau francais

  • Bloch 81

    Bloch MB.81 of the GR II/39, 3e Escadrille, Rayak, Lebanon (1939-1941).The Bloch MB.80 and MB.81 are single-engine French medical transport aircraft. This aircraft was used mainly in Morocco Lebanon and Syria, a few examples still flying at the start of World War II
  • Bloch 131

    Bloch MB.131of the CIB (Centre d'Instruction au Bombardement (Bombing Training Center)),Toulouse, France.The Bloch MB.130 and its derivatives were French monoplane reconnaissance-bombers.They saw some limited action at the beginning of World War II but were obsolete by that time and suffered against the Luftwaffe
  • Bloch 152

    Bloch MB.152 of the GCII/1, 4e Escadrille, France (1940).however, this fighter was the most widely used single-seater in Air Force fighter units in May 1940. Almost 363 MB.152 had been taken into account by the Air Force on May 10, 1940 date of the invasion of France by German army
  • Bloch 210

    Bloch MB.210 of the GB II/23, 4e Escadrille, Toulouse, France (1939).The Bloch MB.210 is a French twin-engine medium bomber. Totally outdated technically, it nevertheless constituted the basic equipment of French bombing units at the start of World War II
  • Bloch 220

    Bloch MB.220 of the GIA 602 (Groupe d'Infanterie de l'Air) then GAT 1/144, Dugny, France (1939).The Bloch MB.220 was a twin-engine passenger aircraft built by the Marcel Bloch Aircraft Company.The first commercial flight took place on July 20, 1937 between Paris and Marseille