Drapeau francais

  • Farman 221

    The Farman 221 was the first four-engine bomber to enter service in the French Air Force.About two dozen Farman 221 or 222 bombers were in service at the start of the war. They were employed during the first months of the conflict, for reconnaissance missions and for some raids on Germany
  • Farman NC 223.1

    Farman NC 223.1 of the Aéronavale, France (1939). This mail plane is assigned to transport mail on the South Atlantic. It crashed in 1939, when it had just been requisitioned for the French Aéronavale...
  • Farman NC 223.4 "Jules Verne"

    Farman NC 223.4 "Jules Verne" of the Escadrille B5, GB I/15, Lanvéoc-Poulmic or Bordeaux, France (1940).In June 1940, the NC.223.4 “Jules Verne” was specially modified for a very high risk mission: the bombardment of Berlin with two tons of bombs