Drapeau francais

  • Latécoère 298

    Latécoère 298 of the Escadrille T1, Etang de Berre, France (1939-1940).The Latécoère 298 is a French seaplane-torpedo boat. During the French campaign (May-June 1940), eight operational squadrons were equipped with it
  • Latécoère 523 "Aldebaran"

    Latécoère 523 "Aldebaran" of the Escadrille E12, Lanvéoc-Poulmic, France (May 1940). The Latécoère 523 is a French World War II exploration seaplane. The "Aldebaran": Immobilized during an overhaul in June 1940, it was scuttled in the harbor of Poulmic as the German units approached on June 18, 1940