Drapeau francais

  • Potez 63-11

    Potez 63-11 of a GR (Groupe de Reconnaissance), France (1939-1940). Three-seater observation and cooperation plane derived from the Potez 630. First flight in January 1939. More than 900 units built for the French Air Force
  • Potez 390

    Potez 390 of the GAO 504, Cannes-La Bocca, France (1939-1940). The Potez 39 was a French two-seat single-engined parasol wing monoplane reconnaissance and observation aircraft. At the outbreak of World War II, the Potez 39 remained in service with seven observation squadrons of the French Air Force
  • Potez 566

    Potez 566 of the Ecole de Tir et de Bombardement, Cazaux, France (January 1940). Military observation version equipped with high and low pods for one observer, three were built.
  • Potez 567

    Potez 567 Target Tug, French Aeronaval, France (1940). Naval version target tug, 22 built.
  • Potez 585

    Potez 585 for liaison, Cazaux, France (June 1940). 130 hp Potez 6Ba-powered liaison aircraft, 108 units built
  • Potez 631

    Potez 631of ECN (Escadrille de Chasse de Nuit) I/13, France (1940). In 1939, the French Air Force received 88 Potez 631, of which 20 were operational. In May, the night fighter groups (GCN), as well as the fighter group (GC), received around thirty aircrafts
  • Potez 650

    Potez 650 Transport, France (1939-1940).The Potez 650 was a French-built military transport aircraft that saw service in World War II, derived from the Potez 62.