Drapeau francais vichy 2

  • Caudron 400 Phalène

    Caudron 400 Phalène of Government Liaison Aircraft, Etablissement Regional d'Alger, Algérie (1942).The Caudron C.280 Phalène was a civil utility aircraft built in France during the 1930s.The French military also purchased a number of examples under the C.400 and C.410 designations.
  • Caudron 445 Goéland

    Caudron 445 Goéland of the Training Center, Fréjus-Saint Raphaël, France (1941).The Caudron C.440 Goéland was a six-seat twin-engine utility aircraft developed in France in the mid-1930s. Almost 1700 were built.