Drapeau francais vichy 2

  • Potez 25 TOE

    Potez 25 TOE of the Escadrille 1/41, Son Tay, Tonkin, Indochina (Spring 1942).The Potez 25 is a French single-engine observation and bombardment sesquiplan designed in 1924 by the Aéroplanes company Henry Potez.About 4000 were built under 87 differents versions.
  • Potez 452

    Potez 452 at Port Lyautey, Morocco.It was a French flying boat built by Potez to a French Navy specification for a shipboard reconnaissance machine for use on its battleships and cruisers.Potez 452s were deployed to French colonies in French Indochina, which included reconnaissance duty in the 1940–1941 Franco-Thai War
  • Potez 560

    Potez 560 of Air Afrique, Alger-Maison Blanche, Algeria (1942-1943).The Potez 56 was a transport aircraft built by Potez, which made its first flight on June 18, 1934.About thirty copies were built and used both in civilian version and by French Air Force used some of them as liaison aircraft and observation aircraft.