Italie fasciste

  • Breda 65 A80

    Breda 65 A80 of the 159a Squadriglia, 12° Gruppo, 50° Stormo Assalto, Tobruk, Libya (September 1940).The Breda Ba.65 was used by Aviazione Legionaria during the Spanish Civil War and Regia Aeronautica in the first half of World War II. It was the only Italian ground-attack aircraft that saw active service in this role.
  • Breda 88 Lince

    Breda 88 Lince of the 7° Gruppo, 5° Stormo Assalto, Castel Benito, Libya (September 1940).The Breda Ba.88 Lince was a ground-attack aircraft used by the Italian Regia Aeronautica during World War II. 149 were built, its operational career was cut short.