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  • IMAM Ro.37

    Albania was under Italian Occupation from 7 April 1939 to 8 September 1943. IMAM Ro 37 was used in Albania in anti partisans duties
  • IMAM Ro.37bis

    The Meridionali Ro.37 Lince was a two-seater Italian reconnaissance biplane, a product of the Industrie Meccaniche Aeronautiche Meridionali (IMAM)company.Ro 37 Bis was improved version, powered by Piaggio P.IX R.C.40 or Piaggio P.X R. radial engines.
  • IMAM Ro.43

    IMAM Ro.43 of the 71a Squadriglia, Regia Nave "Eugenio Di Savoia", Italy (1942-1943). The IMAM Ro.43 was an Italian reconnaissance single float seaplane, serving in the Regia Marina between 1935 and 1943. Approximately 200-240 were produced until 1941, with 48 still in service in 1943.
  • IMAM Ro.44

    IMAM Ro.44. The IMAM Ro.44 was a fighter seaplane developed in Italy, a single seater derivative of the Ro.43 that first flew in October 1936. Only 35 were produced.