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  • Fokker D.XVII

    Fokker D.XVII was a 1930s Dutch sesquiplane developed by Fokker. By May 1940 the aircraft was obsolete and remaining examples were transferred to the LVA Flying School for fighter pilot training however they saw some action during the Battle of the Netherlands, escorting Fokker C.Vs and C.Xs on bombing missions.
  • Fokker D.XXI

    The Fokker D.XXI fighter was designed in 1935 by Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker, it was a low-wing monoplane fighter aircraft. Almost 150 were built
  • Fokker D.XXIII

    The Fokker D.XXIII was a Dutch single-seat fighter designed and built by Fokker. Only one aircraft was flown before the country was invaded by the Germans in May 1940.
  • Fokker G.Ia

    The Fokker G.I was a Dutch twin-engined heavy fighter aircraft. It saw service during 1940 german's invasion and the few G.Is that were mustered into service were able to score several victories.
  • Fokker T.V

    The Fokker T.V was a twin-engine bomber, described as an "aerial cruiser" built by Fokker for the Netherlands Air Force. The T.V was used with some success against the German onslaught. Only 16 were built.