Heinkel 219A-0 (WNr 190183) or A-7 (WNr 310183) Uhu

WW2 German Luftwaffe Fuselage Skin Section, as ONLY used on the Heinkel He219 "Uhu" Night Fighter Aircraft. This item came from the wreck of either He219 A-0, W. Nr. 190183 or He219 A-7, W. Nr. 310183, which was lost at Hagenow/Mecklenburg. Relic made of aluminum. There is some corrosion, it is still VERY solid, and MUCH of it's original camouflage paint remains. This specific wreck consisted of a camouflage pattern that included RLM 76 (RLM 84), RLM 81, and RLM 83. There are some bends, as well as some slight marks and scratches, but nothing that takes away from the overall appearance.

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