Fairey Swordfish I (Rotterdam August 31,1940)

Two anecdotes of Swordfish L9716 and L7646

Swordfish L7646 of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (825 Sqn, HMS Kestrel) attacked night 2/3 July 1940 Rotterdam Port and barges that were assembled there for the invasion of the UK. It was shot down by Flak and crashed on Rozenburg Island. Crew Sub-Lt. Barry P. Grigson and Sub-Lt. Frederick L. Lees were killed and buried as unknown airmen in Rozenburg cemetery. In this same night Swordfish L2829 was shot down south of Schiphol Airfield and Leading Aircraftmen Burt was buried at Amsterdam. - Swordfish L9716, RN Fleet Air Arm (812 sqn, HMS Peregrine). On 31 August 1940 this aircraft had a similar mission as above. Pilot Lt. George Villiers-Tuthill drowned near Rozenburg. He was buried as 'Willers' and post war identified. His crewmember midshipsman Maurice V. Driver became POW.

Swordfish L9716 relic

Img 0808

Img 0809

Another Airframes from the same Swordfish L9716 near Rotterdam (August,31,1940)

Img 1309
Img 1301
Img 1303
Img 1302
Img 1304
Img 1305

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