North American F-6B (P-51B)

On 30 July 1944 Lt.Bill Lacey was flying his F-6B Mustang on a low altitude reconnaissance mission over Normandy in France. At 4:30pm Lacey's plane was hit by light anti-aircraft fire and began to burn. His aircraft (Serial 312391) flipped on its back and hit the ground 5 miles south-east of Tessy-sur-Vire, near Saint-Lô. In August 2009 the remains of his aircraft were located and excavated by a French team. A memorial was erected near the site and is maintained by local townspeople.

To note : the profile of Lacey's Plane shown here is not from July 1944, but between July 1943 and August 1943 (US markings blue surrounded in red color)

Img 3223

To Note : Olive Drab color

Img 3218

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